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Slim21 21-Day Summer Body Challenge

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Transform your body and health with our exciting Slim21 21-Day Summer Body Challenge! A two-part program designed to help you shed those extra kgs and get in shape for summer. Not only will you be working towards a healthier you, but you will also stand a chance to win your share of R10 000!

Spots are limited, so make sure you enter today. ENTER HERE.


Part I

Part 1 of the challenge starts on the 14th of August and ends on September 3rd. To enter, participants will purchase a bottle of Slim21 and start the 21 day course on the morning of the 14th of August. After following the course for 21 days (along with healthy lifestyle changes) the individuals who lose the most weight will win the following cash prizes.

  • FIRST PLACE: R4 000
  • SECOND PLACE: R2 000
  • THIRD PLACE: R1 000

Participants will be required to send photos of themselves at the start of the challenge as well as every 7 days thereafter and then at the end of the challenge.

Participants can then choose to end the challenge here or move on to part II of the challenge.

Part II

After part 1, those who want to continue onto part 2 (which takes place from the 11th of September to the 1st of October) will receive a refund of their entry fee and another free bottle of Slim21. Part 2 follows the same format as part 1, with the following additional cash prizes up for grabs.

  • FIRST PLACE: R1 500
  • SECOND PLACE: R1 500

Participants will be required to send photos of themselves at the start of the challenge as well as every 7 days thereafter and then at the end of the challenge.

Participants who complete part II of the challenge and send through their final photographs will also receive another free bottle of Slim21 or R500 in cash!


For your entry fee of R499, which also includes the cost of your first Slim21 bottle, you will also receive a lifestyle e-book, ongoing coaching, access to a supportive community in our Whatsapp group, daily workouts, and healthy recipes to keep you motivated and going.


Our challenge is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 50, looking to make a lifestyle change and win big while doing so.

View some of the results from our previous challenges here.


Participants will receive a bottle of Slim21 to help them reach their summer body goals. The bottle is not to be opened until the challenge begins on the morning of the 14th of August. Participants will take 1 tablet a day for 21 consecutive days, ending on the 03rd of September.

This challenge will be judged by the Slim21 panel of judges based on the overall % of weight lost and the before and after photos.


Participants are required to send progress pictures on specific dates during the challenge, giving us all a chance to witness their amazing transformations! These dates and the terms and conditions around the photographs will be communicated to participants separately once finalised.

Please note that these photographs will be used for marketing purposes and may appear in any marketing content we have, i.e. our website, social media platforms, etc.


Sign-ups are open now and will close on August 4th. Don’t miss your chance to transform your body, boost your health, and win big!

Join the Slim21 21-Day Summer Body Challenge Today.

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